Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is the word baffling a verb or a noun?

There are a few things at this very moment that completely baffle me...
One being the relationship between timing and agency, I don't want to get into it though because I still confuse myself. 
Is it just me, or do you wake-up at a certain time in the morning and then "sleep-think" till your alarm goes off?? It normally happens everyday around 5 and then I sleep-think for about two hours...
It's exhausting and the dreams are always SO peculiar.

Anyways, life is kind of baffling me right now.
 All I have to say about it is "I don't know?, I don't know?,
 Most of the time I start out stomping my feet, then swing my arms, and end up on the floor with a big sigh... It never really helps though. I normally just laugh, get up, and blame it on my inability to express my frustration any other way...

The past two weeks I have been entertaining the idea of opposites attract
Logically this saying makes no sense what so ever.
But then I think about it...
None of my girlfriends and I have anything superfically in common.
We all grew up differently, have different interests, different styles, different taste in boys... different could go on and on!


Ok, so I'm going to get a little nerdy and define superficially; concerned with or comprehending only what is on the surface or obvious. 
So the many "just work" relationships we possess have to be from what we feel not what we see, right?
The qualities and attributes that make us who we are.

It's quite obvious that dating is the utmost example of this theory.
Sometimes I feel like I have dated every guy in Provo (I'm obviously exaggerating, but I'm proving a point here). The more people I date, the more I realize how unrealistic it would be to end up with the guy version of myself.
Believe me, I've tried!

I've come to the conclusion that we're not here to be complacent.  We're here to grow and progress. We're meant to be challenged.
To learn and recreate ourselves over and over again.
My "supposed" interests right now are 100% different than that of 5 years ago.
Passions change and so do people.
Then why is everyone so worried about superficial commonalities?
I'm looking for someone who I could literally have fun doing anything with. Someone that wants to introduce me to new things.
Someone that won't let me quit till I'm kicking his butt at it.

Who's to say that everything you're not, isn't exactly what you need??

Ok, one last thing or I may come up with another baffling thought...
If dating someone that is exactly like you hasn't worked in the past, maybe something different is the solution... or someone different!

Happy Thinking!!